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Welcome to my webpage. My main goal is to develop evidence-based interventions for enhancing well-being. Using scientific methods, I generate evidence to assess these interventions’ effectiveness. I translate this data into actionable advice for schools, families, and policymakers. I’m committed to making a real impact on people’s lives through research.


Web Projects

R Packages

Designed to facilitate dataset documentation during package creation. This package provides a roxygen2-style documentation skeleton with pre-filled information, saving time on typing and reducing the likelihood of errors. This feature promotes the generation of well-structured and standardized documentation, which is essential for efficient data management and usability.

Designed to evaluate model performance with progressively sampled data. This approach is particularly useful for debugging in machine learning, as it allows you to observe the impact of the sample size on the model’s error.

This package contains three datasets to analyze the performance of 937 players from 188 countries during the Chess Olympiad in Chennai, India in 2022. The data has a multilevel structure, with players nested within countries and players nested within time. This makes it a helpful resource for practicing the analysis of nested data in R.



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